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Joseph's first Hallowe'en with a costume and a Trick or Treat run about the neighbourhood.

He did okay. We sang the Cat Came Back between houses. I managed to get him to say trick or treat a few times, but always in a little voice and almost never once the door was opened. I got him to go "Rawr!" a few times at people, though, which I suspect they thought was cuter.

I kept it very short (Something you can see by our use of his little sand bucket for candy); our side of our short block, and both sides of the next one down, which is just as short and broken up by apartments and construction; about ten houses and one open apartment, whose manager at least knows HIM by name. (We say hi a lot and talk about things, but I honestly have no idea if she knows my name. I blank on hers roughly 50% of the time so I'm fine if she doesn't). Most of the houses open were neighbours we knew or at least had seen. It was especially satisfying on the way back to stop at the house of the person who'd been on her front step locked out when we started, just so I could say i was glad she got in.

Most of the candy is within what he can eat and there were a few suitable non-candy things.

We also have a metric ton of peanut butter cups and their ilk left over, and a smaller amount of the just-in-case nut and gluten free things. So i feel no shame that I'm going to steal the 2 Coffee Crisps. Joseph loves, and has been demanding, peanut butter cups.

We also went to his godmother's place afterwards for the later evening - we even brought our pumpkin, so it could be on a step where it could stay alight. He fell sound asleep on the car back, though he was pretty active and cheerful there.

Only oops; we got a a call while there that our alarm went off. I considered this, and mentioned that when I turned off the front hall lights and brought in Kermit, I didn't think I locked the door. I blame pregnancy brain. Nothing was missing when Colin checked, even the candy, so I fear I probably frightened some poor local kid who was a bit too eager to try even the unlit houses.

Hallowe'en pics below, though all repeated from Facebook.

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