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I love the wild and crazy tumblr story idea posts as much as anyone (this is one example of the phenomenon. there are a lot of others, a whole series of them about humans and how they interact with or are perceived by aliens), but I think they demonstrate something writers have been saying for a long time.

Ideas are the easy part.

These posts are almost all series' of quick sketches of really amazing ideas. Vignettes get written, and they're good. But they remain vignettes.

Take the example above.

Someone posits a silly idea. Someone else writes the opening scene - frankly, it can stand against some published short stories and a solid short story in its own right. (Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer is actually a similar story, a bit more polished and with more of an arc, but proving it can be done.) Someone draws a cartoon.

Someone else then says "I would watch six seasons and a movie."

Note the wording, though.

I would WATCH.

(no suggestion of "Can I help you guys turn this into...". Please note, this is not a bad thing of itself. We want watchers and readers. We love people who witness our art. The more the merrier. And this is true even when the art is unpaid stuff for fun.)

The next person sketches out a paragraph of the town's initial reaction, and a one-line thought for one story arc... in the fourth season.

The next person similarly posts a summary of some of the details that could become scenes throughout, then another story arc.

The last two people who post ideas, not reactions, post an extended plot summary of the final episode, and scripted dialogue for the last minute of that episode, respectively.

Arc done. Whole six seasons of a tv show (With a spin-off movie in the middle, presumably, since the ending is, er, final) in 2,832 words -- 1,410 or very very close to half of which is the opening scene written out by one contributor.

THAT is how easy it is to come by an amazing writing IDEA.

I'm not dissing these ficlets. Please understand. I adore them. I want people to keep spawning these ideas all over the place. I want to see them in comment threads discussing why a particular book was good, or bad, or deconstructing them. I want to see them tossed out under a photo or a piece of art or fanart someone particularly liked. I want them to pop up all over facebook, tumblr, anywhere else people make and collect random story ideas. I've thrown one up myself in the comments to a review of the Disney movie Rapunzel, though rightly speaking that was more of a plot sketch for a fanfic, not for an original story like many of them (Although i love and encourage direct fanfic, too. And formal written short fiction.)

And as I understand it, if you happened to meet such a fic in tumblr via a different person, you might see a different thread of responses, spawning another sketch-out of the same kind of six-season arc, with a different ending, different suggestions for scenes along the way.

But... six seasons of a tv show is a sustained effort. A different thing entirely. Multiple writers throwing out these ideas across a table in front of critics and executives, and then expected to come back with a polished and perfectly 42-minute-long script (with the right commercial breaks) out of their one-line sketch, which also needs to be added to and accounted for in continuity by every writer after them, just as they had to account for every script ahead of them AND the already agreed upon seasonal arc. The existance of tv producing forms that no longer have to leave room for commercials leaves wiggle room for exactly how to set up the arc and the exact length of an episode, but audience expectations still hold a writer within a fairly short distance both of ultimate length and of where to fit in plot points and reversals and beats.

And that? That is exhausting. Because if you're the one tasked with introducing Nettie's birth family (And the true fate of the real Todd) into the business, based on the equivalent of somebody's (Even your own!) one-paragraph tumblr comment, you have a lot to think about that simply isn't in that paragraph, which the reader of that paragraph can create for themselves in a flash. You now have to set out every single breath of what's in your head in concrete terms for everyone from the actors to the lighting crew to the set designers to the wardrobe crew to the storyboard artist turning your ideas into each and every camera shot and exact actor's mark on the carpet.

This is why "I've got this great idea, you just have to write it, and we split it 50-50..." is so nauseating for writers. We see those ficlets, and we love them, and we rejoice at people who would not call themselves writers tossing out yet another new idea into the mix, and making everyone squee. But there's a noteable difference between that and ongoing sustained effort. And now we can point to tumblr and say, "Look. If I want ideas from outside myself, I have a literal thousand to choose from. Why do I need yours?"
* One of my current novel ideas is spawned by a series of posts deconstructing another popular book, AND by the commentary and mini-fanfics and fix-fics caused by that deconstruction. I really really enjoy these things.


Nov. 22nd, 2014 11:34 pm
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I've been doing NaNoWriMo, part of the reason I haven't been posting. It's been overall a different experience from last year.

Last year I was plunging through the rough draft of a story where I already had around 40k words written and had been thinking it through and working around the idea for a few years, had revised and rejected any number of alternates and options in the daydreaming, plot summary, and planning stages. So while it was raw text, I retained a pretty good idea how it ought to go. AND, it's in a secondary world of a sort that doesn't require a lot of research I didn't already know. (The very very last thing I looked up during the revisions of it sticks out for me; the air dates of certain Doctor Who episodes. Not exactly what one would call deep research...).

This time I'm doing the zeroeth draft of a story where I have only the vaguest outline of what will be coming, have been thinking about the plans and characters for months at best, many of which months were eaten creatively by Labyrinth's revisions. I have a total of 3700 words of plot summary and character sketch (And some of that added after I started NaNo), and already know I need to do multi-book intense research on some very basic aspects directly related to the plot. And no time now as I pour on words, so this time it's fake it with the most shallow Wikipedia glance, write, and research later. Meaning that I might end up realizing whole sections simply need to be scrapped or replaced wholesale because the Boat/Surgery/Arachnid Doesn't Work Like That. (It helps to have a couple of relative kids on board. They get to not know stuff.) But it feels a lot more like wading through fog and mud with a hand-drawn map whose ink is running from the wet, with a dying flashlight. In the company of strangers.

Just starting a story with no plan beyond a neat idea is something I did in my teens a lot, but while my style of laying down prose is Still closer to pantser than to planner, and while I still tend to store more notes in my head than on paper, I tend to leave a lot of stuff churning in the backbrain a lot longer. For instance, I have a whole chunk of the third book of the Serpent Prince series wholly unwritten - but I started the first draft of the Serpent Prince itself back in 2002. I've lived with even the newest characters for a few years now. When i turn to that project, *even though* there are some key plot things in the climax I haven't figured out (There were for Labyrinth, too), it's not going to feel this lost. I'll be heading there WITH Ketan and Rosor and Teo and Jes, and I KNOW them.

The last, closest thing to this I've done was probably that first draft of the Serpent Prince, in fact. Which, again, 2002. And that was with medieval daily life as the key not-researched enough area, which is one where my knowledge, pre the rest of the research, was already at least enough to make it unlikely I'd fall into the worst "you learned that from Hollywood" pits.

So this feels alien, outside my comfort zone a bit, in a way last year's NaNo wasn't, because even Labyrinth as an idea that dates back at LEAST to 2010 (That's the last saved date relevant to it I can find in my files. I'm pretty sure if I scoured LJ I'd find evidence from 2008-9).

So I'm not enjoying pouring on the words quite the same (Tonight I'm ahead enough I opted for a break to write non-fiction, IE LJ posts, instead. In part because I actually do know some of the next scene, which means I'll be able to add words at a good clip.)

Also, as I confessed already, I had one night where I was so frustrated and stuck on the next scene that as I sat there, thinking, "I don't know what to do now, I don't want to write this, I'm horny but Colin is off to bed and his MOTHER is in the house..." and I switched to a new file and ended up awake far too late, with 4400 words of extremely naughty PWP (With unrelated unnamed characters). Which, since the next day I managed to pour on the words on the real project quite happily, I think was useful in unjamming the story itself, and EVERYONE to whom I've mentioned it said Go ahead and count it as NaNo Words, it's fiction and 4400 is a HUGE single-day word count, which fits the spirit... but still feels half like I cheated.

Well, if I make 54400 words at month's end, I can stop fretting it. If I just make 50k, well, then I can worry.
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I am THIS close to being finished the novel draft of Labyrinth. As in, I'm in the denouement, which alas needs a lot of work. If I were feeling better, I'd be doing it right now. (Slight cold and need sleep. Nothing worse.)

The Labyrinth revision went very differently from my expectations. I cut some, yes, but added more. Not because there aren't more bits I can trim out yet, but because the basic shape of the book was wrong so often i couldn't *see* whether a given scene was needed or not, and I *definitely* couldn't do much sentence level trimming when I was debating whether the larger picture was right. And I don't think i can do a second run through right now, though I also don't think I need as long a break as I did to start this revision.

Still, I think it will be ready for other pairs of eyes by sometime this very weekend, as long as they know they're getting a whopping 150K monstrosity and that they're definitely especially encouraged to say, "What does this serve?" about any scene or word.

Thus: BETA CALL: Anyone ready to give it a go? Any kind of crit - full "track changes" style practically editing, or just an overview and general assessment. No set time limit, but I would be happy with as few months as possible. And if you've offered before and it's fallen through, I may expect some kind of a progress indicator. (I'm understanding as I have flubbed and/or dawdled on critiques myself, I'll just want some sign it's actually happening). And if you've never critted before, this is NOT just a chance to read ahead. It can be a lot of work. (I can point you to resources that have useful suggestions how and what to say.)

Other relevant point:

So, I am, or will be, done in lots of time for NaNoWriMo. So I'm planning to try again. I've even got my novel set up there.

I think the Lost Ocean is going to be a bit of an angry book, which makes two in a row, since during the course of Labyrinth, Heather is running almost entirely on the power of her irritation, fury, and/or outrage, as the situation warrants. (Laurel not so much. Which makes her look weaker even though I don't really think that's who or how she is in the long run.) In this case it will be a wider variety of people being angry and for more reasons. Although I suppose the core one - people being shoved into a situation they don't want and don't like - is kind of similar. The God in question is ambiguous, though, where the Maze-Keeper is pretty clearly a right bastard off the hop.
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Progress notes for September 23-30, 2014

Total words new or revised : - 657. Also, at least 70 single spaced MS pages (I usually work on the computer double spaced but no point in changing a file I'm using on the Dana every time I switch)
Music: Almost entirely the computer playlist and/or my MP3 player. Noteable that I seemed to get some songs to crop up some extra; Jim Moray's Seven Long Years, Lennie Gallant's Lifeline, a couple of Vienna Teng's, and on one particular day, the MP3 player seemed especially fond of Ukrainian trad/rock bands. (When I get Ukrainia and the Ukrainians back to back....)
Mean things: Unwanted gender-bending, being forced to either let someone be hurt or be something you don't want to be (for yet another character), basically everyone here is having their personality pushed to its limits.
Recently finished reading: Galen Beckett - The House on Durrow Street. Mostly good, but while it avoided the *exact* trope I was fretting it would hit, it chose to use its only slightly better second cousin instead. Because this is a spoiler, I'll append it as a postscript.
Currently Reading: Kate Elliott - Cold Steel
Next on the to-read pile - Martha Wells - The Serpent Sea and the Siren Depths

Progress notes for October 1, 2014

Total words new or revised : +400, darn it all. But I think the next segment retracts some of that.
Tea: Decaf apricot black tea with, I realised after, the herbal ginger-mint teabag left in, adding a bit of a nice aftertaste. I might do that again on purpose sometime)
Music: The computer playlist.
Mean Things: Not wanting to return what's not yours. Being okay that it means someone else will die. A rather final break-up.
Reason for stopping: Hit a chewy bit in the scene, then looked at the time and realised I should have roused Joseph from his nap about 25 minutes before.

Inevitable Asides:
- Had rather a nice SCA-related gathering on Saturday evening.
- A friend's son was born today, well and hale.
- Another friend is having extra tough times I can't say more about, but it sucks even to watch.
- Had a nice outing with Grandma on Tuesday, mildly dampened by some texting related to the prior point.
- Joseph is REALLY hard to keep still in a restaurant, though. I tend to let him run a circle or two about so long as he's not interfering with anyone else, because he's too young yet for trying to pin him down further to result in anything but a tantrum that would be MORE disruptive. But I'm not sure exactly how to communicate "You've grown too old for that" once I think he has.
- Tomorrow he restarts swimming classes.

The trope I was afraid of in The House on Durrow Street is "The sole gay love affair (And only that one) MUST end with one of the lovers tragically dead." Instead, we got, "The gay lovers both live, but part tragically anyhow, because one is irreparably damaged." Not... exactly an improvement. This is one of those tropes that's pardonable if you meet it in one or two stories, so I'm not saying anything about Beckett as a person, but pernicious in its frequency over multiple stories.

In the rivets in the moving train land, though, considering it after the fact, I also have some questions about the gender essentialism of the magic system. It's almost a given that straight men are sorcerers, straight (? We've seen no lesbians or bisexuals as yet in this world that I recall) women are witches (One male character in the background appears to have some skill at manipulating wood once cut - is he a male witch or just another alternate talent?), and gay men are illusionists. There's not a lot of evidence - one glimpsed private moment with the man and woman in charge of the illusionist's theatre, which mostly involves holding hands - that even implies heterosexuals or bisexuals can be illusionists. If he doesn't want it to be quite that clear cut and dried (And it's been long enough since I read the first book, I can't remember if there were any exceptions therein, so I can grant I might have missed something), I hope the next book makes that clearer.

I have to wonder what Beckett thinks a trans* person (Or, heaven forbid, a non-binary) would end up being? The gender they were originally assigned or the gender they really are? Or some fourth form of magic? Or maybe that's why our humble wood-manipulator can do his thing; he's not 100% "he", he's just too minor for it to be known to the reader?
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Progress notes for September 20-22, 2014

Done in tidbits.

Total words new or revised : - 350 or thereabouts.
Reason for stopping: Tonight, Should go to bed. Last night, should go to bed. This afternoon, Joseph woke from his nap. Things like that all round.
Tea: Decaf earl grey today. decaf blackberry sage yesterday.
Music: Althernatesd with Lennie Gallant - Live at the Carleton, and the computer playlist. Which right now is feeding me extra Lennie.
Currently reading: Galen Beckett - The House on Durrow Street (Due at the library soon, so must press on, although I'm worrying about one possible bad trope being wielded that would ruin the otherwise-a-lot-of-fun for me.)
Next on the to-read pile - Martha Wells - The Serpent Sea and the Siren Depths

The most depressing thing is that I'm close to a thousand words UP from where I started even with the trend in word counts going more consistently negative. Of course, I also realised a while ago that I'm still too busy fixing larger structural things to be able to also focus on trimming words until they scream. I may leave that to after the beta. Some of the larger structural things are going to result in more chopping.

Also, I made a decision about ways the bad guy is messing with them, that might require even harsher rewriting measures in the near future. Or to be taken right back out. Argh.

Inevitable asides: my two biggest accomplishments of the day: I made more applesauce and I did not murder my son. My biggest frustrations; probably losing half of a just-purchased facial cleanser down the drain, having to clean up a bottle of soap from his floor and him, him giggling at my genuine anger and Not Getting It. And a wasp sting that has left a big red blotch on a hand-sized chunk of my right hip. Like I wasn't in enough pain from the left side.

(Since I didn't even see the culprit before I felt the ow, I'm assuming wasp. I always react with a huge blotch on the first day, and it's tender but it goes down in a couple days. If it does anything else, I'll get me to a doctor.)

Ice cream topped with applesauce helps a surprising number of things, though.
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Progress notes for September 15-19, 2014

Was working on the Dana, though it can be terrible for any revision more complex than straightforward cuts and typo-fixes. Now back to the computer.

Total words new or revised : - 864
Reason for stopping: Tonight, Should go to bed.
Tea: Any number of things, of which I can only this moment remember the pumpkin spice latte, chocolate chili chai, and clear water.
Music: Mostly my MP3 player, or the almost as random playlist.
Mean Things: Amateur healing, almost getting killed by a possible paramour, and a number of things the characters don't know yet.
Currently reading: Galen Beckett - The House on Durrow Street
Next on the to-read pile - Martha Wells - The Serpent Sea and the Siren Depths, Kate Elliott - Cold Steel
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Progress notes for September 14, 2014

Total words new or revised : + 568. Which is slightly awkward, as there was -565 included in that total...
Reason for stopping: Finished revamp of scene.
Tea: Cornelia Bean's Pear Garden Ginger Fresh, plain water.
Music: Lennie Gallant - Live at the Carleton
Mean Things: the whole thing, really, but I went through this scene not that long ago, before I decided on the alternate descent.
Darling du jour: "Sorry I'm a burden right now," she said, and she meant it, but it felt even better that it made him laugh.
Just finished reading: Joshua Palmatier - The Skewed Throne. Steles of the Sky - Elizabeth Bear. The latter was vastly and noticeably better reading than the former, but I have more to say about Palmatier.
Next on the to-read pile - Martha Wells - The Serpent Sea and the Siren Depths, Kate Elliott - Cold Steel

Inevitable asides: I actually quite liked this last Doctor Who as a story, in ALMOST all respects. Here's my facebook comment about the one exception:

I hate being distracted by a cool tv show concept by what I call the Fallacy of Universal experience (Does it have a different formal name, Jeff?). To be a bit clearer, not every human culture has beds that are platforms raised off the ground. Not even every Western person has this. So why would nightmares about monsters under the bed be not only common to every human being, but literally universal?

Argh. it would have been so easy to write that little bit out (Ed. as small and simple as turn it into AN example that happens to be central in THIS case, instead of THE example). Instead it nags at me.
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Progress notes for the rest of September 1, 2014

Total words new or revised : -118
Reason for stopping: Late hour. Should be asleep.
Tea: sour cherry juice sweetened with apple juice.
Music: The Duhks, self-titled CD.
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Progress notes for August 30-September 1, 2014

Total words new or revised : -77, though with a lot more words in motion, as it were, to the positive and negative, than the total implies. (Somewhere between the last report and this one, too, it looks like an extra 550 words went away that I didn't mention.)
Reason for stopping: Mostly this revision was done on the drives to and from Gimli, though I did about 1/2 an hour today.
Tea: Water, New Baronial black tea blend, Decaf peach-apricot
Music: Nada on the way there, Oysterband best of on return trip
Mean Things: A truly horrific climb, having to injure a friend to save them. Examining one's own corpse.
Currently reading: Actually brought no books on the trip (not counting the one meant to be donated to the raffle), but started Joshua Palmatier - The Skewed Throne, since. (Also read a couple more E. Bear stories from Shoggoths in Bloom)
Next on the to-read pile - Martha Wells - The Serpent Sea and the Siren Depths, Kate Elliott, Cold Steel

Inevitable Asides: Gimli warrants its own post. Although several things lately have that haven't been reported on. We'll see if I can improve that.
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Progress notes for August early 20s, 2014

Total words new or revised : +286
Reason for stopping: Stupid writing avoidance tricks.
Books I (was) Reading: Drew Hayden Taylor - Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, George MacDonald - The Princess and the Goblin, the Princess and Curdie

Progress notes for August 27 2014

Total words new or revised : +1488 to finish the last totally new scene to insert, then -1041 in revisions.
Reason for stopping: Another chapter end, bedtime.
Tea: Decaf white mocha (Morning for adding new scene), decaf apricot, watermelon-lemon soda, plain water.
Music: Usual playlist. Highlights: Rush - Bravado, Lennie Gallant - Without Love, Jars of Clay - Goodbye, Goodnight, Heather Dale - Never Quite Eden
Tyop du jour: Rustle's whispered face
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: actually, the new scene was all about characters being out of character, which was why I was daunted writing the scene.
Mean Things: unexpected rejection by friends, sorcerous mind-manipulation of several kinds, self-injury, warranted distrust, unwarranted dislike. Oh, and being stabbed to death by one's own spouse. Ish.
Currently reading: Diana Wynne Jones (Yes, one more) Hexwood.
Next on the to-read pile - Martha Wells - The Serpent Sea and the Siren Depths, Kate Elliott, Cold Steel, Joshua Palmatier - The Skewed Throne

Inevitable Asides:

Joseph had his test run at the nursery school, which is why I had nigh on 3 hours where I needed to be someplace close but not in sight in case it didn't work out (And thus ended up at a picnic table in the playground, typing away). According to her (And this sounds exactly like Joseph at home) he needs a lot of supervision. But she thinks it will be good for him.

We solved the ongoing this week problem that he figured out a way to reach his light switch (And thus had more excuse not to sleep) but, to quote facebook:

Second night in a row of checking on JoJo after he was in bed to find him naked... and a wet patch in his crib. Last time, the only other thing wet was the diaper. THIS time, it was the only other thing in the crib not wet.

Colin's question: "Is it time to break out the duct tape?"
(For the diaper, not the boy)


Also restarting practice driving. I seem to remember most of the essentials. At least, I didn't crash.
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Progress notes for August 12, 2014

Total words new or revised : +775, of which 700 were putting back in a piece recently cut, and 75 were new. Maybe some more editing I forgot.
Reason for stopping: naptime ending.
Music: The usual playlist.
Books I (was) Reading: Elizabeth Bear - Shoggoths in Bloom, Drew Hayden Taylor - Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, Diana Wynne Jones - House of Many Ways

Progress notes for August 19 2014

Total words new or revised : +390. Redid one of my recent new bits, did it better, but not, alas, shorter.
Reason for stopping: Caught back up to the place with the one new scene I still have to write, and wimped out.
Tea: Decaf blackberry sage. Yummy.
Music: Lennie Gallant - Breakwater
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: Not so much a new quirk as letting heather show her broken edges earlier.
Mean Things: being rejected by a magical being
Books I recently finished: Diana Wynne Jones - The Pinhoe Egg, Diana Wynne Jones - Enchanted Glass. All the DWJ books are rereads.
Currently reading: Drew Hayden Taylor - Motorcycles and Sweetgrass (This is a lot of fun so far.), George MacDonald - The Princess and the Goblin. if I can make it through. It's still better than C.S. Lewis, and when he's not being twee MacDonald has a way with words, but the twee elements are getting to me as they didn't when I was a more suitable age.
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Progress notes for August 8, 2014 (and some bits in the days between this and the last report, but not as many as should be)

Total words new or revised : +616. I have ONE more scene to add before I start delving into the places others can get taken out.
Reason for stopping: Need sleeeep. Chapter end. Also still debating structure and exact placement of scenes.
Tea: Reduced-Sugar chocolate milk.
Music: The usual playlist, just went through "Let it Go" and Stan Rogers' Turnaround. Hit the slow version of Thunder Road at almost dead on the right spot, though. That was sweet.
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: Heather did want magic before she got into this mess.
Mean Things: Serious puncture bite to the jaw.
Research: The date by which a certain cliche had become cliched, the geographical source for another turn of phrase. The timeline regarding basic knowledge of DNA.
Books I'm Reading: Elizabeth Bear - Shoggoths in Bloom, Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson - The Folklore of Discworld, Drew Hayden Taylor - Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, Terry Pratchett - Wintersmith

Inevitable Asides:

The last couple of days of Joseph have been ... extra super interesting. I think they warrant their own post, though. Because it was alternating things to laugh at and things to make me despair.

Just one example to reward those who read to the end: Joseph has been "Helping" with unloading the dishwasher for a few months now - he did it before his grandparents came, but with them, it became a big Thing for him. (More people = more dishes = more dishwasher loads). he's very meticulous, sorting by colour and size as he goes. But he's not always clear on the difference between clean and dirty (IE, he has regularly caused trouble by tryign to unload dirty dishes *while* his grandfather was loading the dishwasher).

So yesterday while I was upstairs doing a quick scrub-and-dress, he pushed a chair up to the counter below the dish cupboard, took out all the clean purple plates (both sizes) and very neatly lined them up in two rows in the dishwasher.
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Progress notes for July 15-27 inclusive, 2014

Yes, all at once. That was the Fringe. Which normally i post a great deal about in detail, but I think not this year. Not that it wasn't a basically damn good Fringe in almost all ways. (I *will* dedicate a post to the Folk Festival and the ways it was a less than stellar one...) I was puttering around with the Dana, doing a bit here and a bit there, and because, as I learned with NaNoWriMo, the Dana's word count function is painfully slow when coping with a 150k file (It's impossible to do anything but a complete word count, too, but what with deleting almost as much as I added, wouldn't have served regardless.)

Possible title sources referenced? - Not really. I suspect those will come up, if at all, much later in the story, or in a scene too key to what it's all about.

Total words new or revised : + 370

Reason for stopping: The Fringe Ended...

Music: Usually the MP3 player on random, if anything at all was available to me; otherwise, the background noise of line-ups for shows, the volunteer hospitality suite, the table where I sold tickets... And for one of the long drives out of town, the noises of the car.

Tea: Multiple varieties, of course, but because I have been attempting to reduce caffeine severely, and coffee-related drinks almost 100%, mostly I've had decaf or herbal. And it proved remarkably difficult to find places that sell tea at all around the Fringe, much less enough varieties that I had an option other than Mint that I liked (I detest chamomile, and I have found that few easily-obtained supposedly fruit flavoured infusions work for me over time)

There's Always one more Quirk in the character: Laurel really didn't pay attention to the price she was asked to pay -- because that wasn't half as relevant.(It occurs to me that Laurel's explanation where and how she learned her housebreaking skills never made it in. Maybe later, oh well.)

Mean Things: B&E, paying a considerably steeper price than noted to free someone else, a remarkably nasty clause or two in the oath.

Darling du jour: Laurel would have lasted about a minute as Bluebeard's wife, and that long only because she'd have probably had to pick the lock.

Research: No opportunity. I need to check the main floor of the church on revision

Books I Read throughout: Oriole A. Vane-Veldhuis - For Elise, Pratchett - Raising Steam, S. ClarkeCollins (OOOPS) - Gregor the Overlander, Katherine Addison - The Goblin Emperor, Martha Wells - Emilie and the Hollow World

Inevitable other crap:
Saw 21 shows. Did 8 volunteer shifts. Also spent one Sunday with the husband's relatives, saw some plays with him, and spent more time at home than you'd think. Many many shows made me cry because I just do that, but only one that really did so in an unhealthy, horrid, not-just-cathartic way. Which, of course, was called Magic Unicorn Island. (It's an excellent show, if it comes to a Fringe near you -- just don't be confused when it's billed as a comedy or starts by making you laugh; it's a satire, and satire =/= comedy. There is NO way the ending could have been made funny, even to those who could appreciate it with a bit less shattering. And he didn't try, because to try would have stripped the point.)

Otherwise - decent weather, a working bicycle, a range of excellent to decent shows (At least the ones I saw, even the ones I was forced to by usher shifts), good times.


Progress notes for July 29, 2014

The one day since where I've done anything worth note in writing. Things have been busy!

Total words new or revised : -217. Hurrah for a negative total!
Reason for stopping: Needed to get out of chair and move about a bit> Soon after, had to wake JoJo from his nap.
Tea: Upton Premium decaf Earl Grey. I think.
Music: none
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: Roma is cuddly
Darling du jour: Roma lifted her, broad hands tucked under her elbows until she could stand and spite her trembling knees.
Books I'm Reading: Julia Quinn - Mr Cavendish, I presume, Elizabeth Bear - Shoggoths in Bloom (Specifically, "In the House of Aryaman, a Lonely Signal Burns"), Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson - The Folklore of Discworld.

Inevitable Asides: Some book reviews probably also coming up, even in brief.
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Progress notes for July 1, 2014

Total words new or revised : 375
Reason for stopping: suppertime and time to wake up the JoJo...
Tea: Bot very good Pu'erh from a teabag.
Music: Huge Labyrinth playlist.
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: Apparently Heather used to have panic attacks. Not much of a surprise; I wonder why she doesn't now?
Mean Things: Someone else's panic in your own brain.
Research: Not really.
Books I'm Reading: Chadwick Ginther - Thunder Road, Oriole A. Vane-Veldhuis - For Elise (I thought it high time I finish and discuss this)
To-Read Pile toppers: S. ClarkeCollins - Gregor the Overlander, Pratchett - Raising Steam (Lucky find in a used book store this afternoon)
Inevitable Asides: As I posted on Facebook, I failed Patriotism 101 when I dressed JoJo first thing in the AM.

Cut for large photo )
And even after it occurred to me that I had picked the wrong shirt, I hadn't noticed the logo on the pants.... I changed him into his "Not only Am I cute, I'm a Canadian" shirt to visit his great-aunts, though.

Also, the only thing I bought in the Canada Day celebration up the street was ... more tea. Well, as Colin put it, "If you bought it and didn't drink it, then I'd have a problem."

Progress notes for July 2, 2014

Total words new or revised : +275, -~100.
Reason for stopping: The hour... I started after bedtime.
Tea: Decaf English breakfast with cardamom pods, a clove, and some cinnamon added.
Music: Heather Alexander's Midsummer.
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: But it's not always obvious in every couple hundred words.
Mean Things: Actually, Laurel's being rather sympathetic.
Darling du jour: She knew chakras were nonsense, but it gave her something to tell her brain that fooled it into getting better faster than "Get better" ever had.
Tyop du jour: N/A
Research: Quick double check of chakras. Also a quicker confirmation that chi was not a karate-based concept (It's Chinese, thankfully).
Inevitable Asides: Spent most of the day moving furniture and cleaning; Joseph's grandfather finished his new (twin-size) bed. Joseph was decidedly interested in exploring it, but nonetheless got into his crib to sleep. Just was well; no toddler rail.
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Progress notes for June 30, 2014

Possible title sources referenced? - Not really.
Total words new or revised : 896, sort of (actual total is closer to 709, because there's a copy-pasted bit of text that is currently present twice in the file). I know this is progress in the wrong direction, but this particular section needs such a wholesale rewrite and stage-setting, it's not even funny. I think a lot of cuts will appear soon.
Reason for stopping: The hour....
Tea: Cornelia Bean's Pineapple-coconut black, mingled with English Breakfast decaf. Then a cup of warm milk wiht nominal amounts of cocoa and maple syrup (BY nominal I mean it bore a closer resemblance to hot milk than to hot cocoa)
Music: Huge Labyrinth playlist. Currently, Peter Gabriel - Steam. Other highlights: Eliza Carthy - Time in the Son, S.J. Tucker - Ask me Anything, Lennie Gallant - the Hope for Next Year
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: I think Laurel has a brother like mine.
Mean Things: logic doesn't mean what you think it means.
Darling du jour: N/A
Tyop du jour: you're an eight foot time
Research: Not really. I Am, however, debating sending an e-mail to All Hallows by the Tower and asking them about their security system. Trying to figure out how to make that not creepy. ("I'm a writer" helps a lot, as does being across the pond...)
Books I'm Reading: Chadwick Ginther - Thunder Road, Oriole A. Vane-Veldhuis - For Elise (I thought it high time I finish and discuss this)
To-Read Pile toppers: S. ClarkeCollins - Gregor the Overlander, Pratchett - Raising Steam (Lucky find in a used book store this afternoon)
Inevitable Asides: Joseph's big accomplishments for the day were:
- learning to blow bubbles himself
- locking his grandmother in the bathroom - only to take that key and try to fit it into the lock for the basement (This would have worked had he not been stopped. Not only same kind of lock, same key pattern. and as a point, we have a spare *inside* the bathroom.)
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Progress notes for June 28, 2014

Possible title sources referenced? - Not really.
Total words new or revised : I don't have this number for today. The word count as of today is 150,309, which will give me the baseline for the future ones.
Reason for stopping: The hour....
Tea: Tart Cherry juice.
Music: Huge Labyrinth playlist. Current;y,. The Piano Guys, Peponi
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: Not an exciting one, but Laurel does seem more practical and capable of foreplanning than she did in the early last draft
Mean Things: Downpour
Darling du jour: She stopped in the entry to wring out her braid handful by handful.
Tyop du jour: N/A (not no typos. Boring ones.)
Research: All Hallows by the Tower, especially the St. Clare Oratory, google maps suggested routes from Amsterdam to London, and relevant travel times. And that old picture of the tarnish-striping on the Pompeii Apollo.
Books I'm Reading: Chadwick Ginther - Thunder Road, Oriole A. Vane-Veldhuis - For Elise (I thought it high time I finish and discuss this)
To-Read Pile toppers: S. ClarkeCollins - Gregor the Overlander, Pratchett - Raising Steam (Lucky find in a used book store this afternoon)
Inevitable Asides: Joseph has had A Very Hungry Caterpillar since about 1:30 this afternoon. I have read it about 7 times, and he would have made me rad it more if I let him.


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