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Let's see.

Augustine United Church needs a new Roof. Desperately.
The Winnipeg Humane Society, The Red Cross, Partners International and The Mennonite Central Committee do good things. Give them enough to surprise them.
Hmm. Children's Rehabilitation Foundation might not be a bad choice either, considering where I work.
Ditto for some of the arts groups in the city, though I'd have to look at those better.
Mom and Jeff would probably appreciate something.
I'm torn between "we could get the hardwood floors replaced and that full kitchen and bathroom reno - and not feel bad for hiring people to do it" and "we could get a house that better fits our exact wants and needs."
We could very easily accompany A&B on the trip they want to take to Southeast Asia (Which we most likely can't do). And help them, a lot, with the affording it part they're still debating over.
I really do want to go back to Fiji and New Zealand, too. And the various SCA and Science Fiction Convention trips are suddenly no issue.
Colin could do some of the back-to-school he'd like to do.
Pottery Wheel and Kiln.
Octave mandolin or guitar-shaped Bouzouki.
And no doubt, a good number more bookshelves and a nice stereo system. And likely more books, CDs, and DVDs, but I would likely set a low budget on early purchases and force myself as much as possible to wait until "later" for anything else.
I'm fairly sure Colin would get the tv and entertainment system he really wants. Though I've been reluctant.
Worry a lot less about how much i should be working to maintain the household when we have kids.

What I wouldn't do:

Stop working entirely. Except possibly if I become a mom.
Forget that money runs out.
Buy the frivolous stuff first (With the possible exception of things so inexpensive they scarcely count). There's a point to the order above; do what matters first, see what's left over.


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