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Well. I didn't intend to take months of hiatus. I'm hoping to revive this in the next while. Again.

The last few months have been waaay too busy to sum up. Joseph's school went much better than the last couple of posts might suggest, but I still have struggles - not so much with the school program or with St. Amant, but I literally could not find a tutor. EVERY person who might have been a possibility changed their mind in the last minute, before they even got interviewed. We finally have someone who might be willing, but she'll need training.

Alex is... a bundle of energy and wants much more attention specifically from me than I entirely think is healthy; and yet I've also been struggling with providing actual focused attention to him, so he gets a lot of Mommy time, but it's distracted time. I've been spending my time off work January and February trying to undo a few of my own bad habits. A small bit at a time.

I'm not working, again, for the same company. It's all about their budget timing, not any failing on my work, but I was hoping I would have heard from them by now. It's my plan to call Tuesday, but we'll see if I can get myself to do it. It's the WORST kind of having to phone people.

Everyone know what's been happening politically. I refuse to give in to it. I'm not in a position to protest much in the US, but I can stay active up here, I can comment and repost news. I can find ways to make it clear I meant to stand for the less enfranchised.

My next couple of posts will be mostly stuff posted before at facebook or the like amalgamated into one mega-post, but I expect to get into trying to write my thoughts at length as well.
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