Aug. 25th, 2015

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... It's been a rough while.

The boys are happy and healthy, at least, as am I. Beyond that, things get more complex.

July, my month of festivals, had very little festival compared to usual. I'm reasonably satisfied with the part of Folk Fest I got to (I got Maddy Prior's autograph - and more importantly, told her about Joseph's affection for Ravenchild. But Fringe was severely curtailed, not least because I simply wasn't much in the mood. I did a whopping three volunteer shifts, partly based on how stressful it was for my mother-in-law and Colin to cope with Alex, who loathes bottles, for the duration. (two of those shifts were at a spot I could take Alex along with, but I also had some other times out and about).

The reasons I was not in the mood:

- the first day of Fringe was basically my grandmother's death watch day, though she actually passed away the next morning. She was 90 and in steadily failing health, so no surprise. I'm grateful she met Alex before then, if sad it was only once.

- the second Friday of the Fringe, Colin learned his workplace was terminating his position. Which is kind of illegal while on parental leave. But Employment Standards thinks the illegality could take years to resolve. Meantime, his parental leave lasts to January, then regular EI should kick in. And he's finishing the course he started that his work was paying for, so he should be if anything more employable after.

- Still, no good for his anxiety disorder, even if it was a marginally less dickish move than his last employer. (and a less expected one, alas. His previous job were dicks all along and the way the fired him was of a piece. This job seemed good, they seemed to like him, so it felt more out of the blue.)

I'll talk about the odd and partial upswing of August after supper, I think, because supper should be called any minute now.


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