Mar. 31st, 2015

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There is a HECK of a lot beyond the birth itself that ends up significant, and I don't mean the baby as such (That's not only significant, it's a whole new universe of its own); I mean follow-up to the process of giving birth.

Some stuff:

- There were something in the order of 8-9 paramedics in the house. Colin felt like it was a dozen - and outside was a fire truck, two ambulances and a couple of other vehicles. But since, in his own words, he was having trouble answering their difficult questions like "what's your phone number?" he wasn't in a state to ask. I, on the other hand, was on a hormone high that had me chatty, and had nothing to do for quite a while but lie there and hold Alexander whenever he wasn't being examined in his own turn. So I got the explanation why so many:

- the fire station sends the very first response, since they're literally up the street where the hospital is a 5 minute drive across the river. (Probably less in ambulance time but even so)
- they ALWAYS send two ambulances to a birth, in case of a complication where the baby is in distress enough they need to rush it to the hospital ahead of mom. (Or possibly vice versa but generally the baby first.) In our case, we got to ride together in one while one guy drove the other back.
- I presume the last vehicle(s?) would be the equivalent of the fire chief - the guy most in charge of coordinating all the others.

- You REALLY don't care about your possible state of undress or cleanliness. Really. You don't. Even with lots of cute paramedics around. besides, they were outcuted by the baby, and seriously outmatched by "My own husband delivered him" for appeal.

- Some medical TMI. You've been warned. )

- Once again, I had a struggle with milk coming in. This time, though, Alexander lost enough weight the very first 24 hours (And popped up with a bit of jaundice as a result) to keep us in the hospital while dealing with it. I really didn't need to go through that exact horserace again, but for the first bit, at least, it was probably the right call to stay. I'm not as sure about the last overnight, but I also don't think it hurt anything. Still, way to make me regret thinking that with Joseph, we could have stood another day of hospital time.

- And it's resolving faster. We've already NOT had to use formula with the supplementary bottles for a day or so. With Joseph, that was more along the lines of 5 weeks on, not 6 days.

- So far, I seem to have had a big hormone crash, usually with a few relatively quiet tears, at *exactly the same hour* three days in a row. Well, if anything, it makes it easier to cope with, because I can convince myself the supposed trigger really isn't when it's doing a clockwork thing. I've had other smaller snappish moments, and big guilty feelings about beign snappish, and other such effects, so it's not exclusive, but it's good to know when to brace myself, too.

- And yes, there are some hormone highs, too, though they tend towards "I love this baby!" not so much just plain laughing or feeling happy.

- Joseph has noticed his brother, and that he takes up mom's time, but he's not doing too badly getting on with things, and I have made some special time for him when I can. (I did feel a bit badly about giving him a kiss goodnight last night with a crying baby in arm, but tonight I got a whole bedtime moment of the sort *I've* been missing. (and by his hug, so has he. Grandma is awesome but not identical.)


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