Mar. 22nd, 2015

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No, no baby yet. I feel like I need to preface everything everywhere with that.

In the case of this weekend, we therefore got to have a good Saturday evening game night with some friends, a nice lunch out with relatives, and I got a sit-and-chat with a lovely woman of my acquaintance.

So, [personal profile] rachelmanija has lately been doing a pretty sensible thing to winnow down her to-read stacks; she's reading the first chapter - and only that much, in most cases - of each book in the stack in succession (Or rather, each book that isn't a self-evident keeper, I suspect), and using that as the basis of whether she will keep or discard the book.

This had me thinking. A: I have a lot of books to winnow down, too.

B: Focusing enough to read a whole book while dealing with a newborn is an impossible task. A chapter would often be about the peak of skill.

Therefore, while I may need two weeks or so at the start of just baby and nothing else, I think I might borrow her idea as a way to get through the first few months sanely and still do something useful for the house.

I'm mildly worried that lack of sleep will cause some books to be winnowed that might not otherwise have lost my attention, but not badly concerned. When Joseph was that tiny, I sometimes read him to sleep from Terry Pratchett's Nation, and I followed it well enough (And slightly regretted the choice in the early and death-filled pages of the book, but I doubt Joseph noticed anything but the gentle voice); it's still one of Sir PTerry's best.

I can't promise to publicly post my results as often or snarkily as she does. Although it might help me post some, too.


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