Mar. 19th, 2015

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Hi, I'm Lenora Rose and it has been 67 days since my last entry...

Oh, wait, LJ is a habit I didn't especially want to break.

This is officially my due date for the baby, but he/she is still internal for now. No obvious complications, the baby is head down (She double-checked with a mini-ultrasound, since the last time she thought Joseph was, and we found out she was wrong at eight centimetres dilated...), so no rush just yet.

Quick summary:

January: Not much else but what i posted about already, and the trip to Orlando ate the reast of the month. Well, Colin added a series of kitchen cupboards we thoroughly needed. My teas are all in order! :)

Orlando, Florida: Even the quick summary kind of warrants its own post, so I'll do that.

Event immediately after: The SCA even was a lovely coffee-house themed event, low key but pleasant. Colin and I traded off chasing Joseph, then, for the sake of our sanity and staying at the event at all, Colin drove him to his grandma's house, and came back for feast. Next time, we arrange to do something like that beforehand.

Rest of February: Spent recovering from the lingering cough (December flu turned into bronchitis, also faded, got exploded in Florida, and while it got noticeably better the moment we flew back from the allergy-state it hung on), and not getting much done, it felt like. Did a fair bit of walking.

March: Not too much different, except that the weather has turned lovely, and mroe of the arrangements for new baby have been made, and some more house cleaning, and an ongoing craft project. After about 2 weeks cough free, at last, I caught a cold, but it's feeling like it will recover much faster. And didn't get as much walking in this last week or so, because ow. Joseph is up to 3 days a week at nursery school and still enjoying it, and taking occasional days with Viking Nanny, a friend's new child care venture. His current musical favourites are the Sing-along cd his aunt bought him from Disney, with his name inserted (Not as bad as we feared but far from good from the adult perspective), a few Sesame Street based songs - C is for Cookie especially - and Beethoven's 5th Symphony. And the Lulu and the Tomcat version of Wynken, Blynken and Nod, which used to be his least favourite thing of theirs.

Writing: Virtually not happening at all, other than e-mails and the like. I did work some on getting a coherent plot synopsis for Labyrinth, but other than that, my word count for the last 3 months has been on the hundreds. I've been roaming through old project after project (Which has included some mostly very minor bouts of editing), and nothing has been sticking. I think I've decided what I *should* do, and how to get myself going on it, just in time to likely be derailed by baby. :)

Crafting: I've also been working on a semi-secret craft project alongside Colin - I'm being outclassed by my husband. Of course, he's doing things like running off to the makerspace to do fancy laser etching, where I'm at home arguing with a sewing machine... My only hint is that it started with me making a bunch of new sketches of elephants. Elephants are weird, when one has spent all one's animal time drawing birds, mostly hawks, and more usual mammals like foxes and deer and horses. Elephants are made of some distinct and easy shapes from a drawing perspective, but when you really look at how they're assembled, that is one strange beastie. Still pretty cool, though.

My mother in law arrived yesterday, to help be ready for the baby. We were going to wait for the actual good news, but they found a last-minute seat sale, which is getting less common.

I have 2 tentative plans with friends for the weekend, and more semi-secret work to do. I really hope I don't pop *quite* yet.


Mar. 19th, 2015 10:45 pm
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We went, with my in-laws (including Colin's sister - and two visits from a cousin of theirs who lives in the vicinity). We had fun, sometimes with and sometimes without Joseph. You can probably skip the words and just look at the pictures and get all you need to out of this. :)

Hiding pics for obvious possible size reasons )
I got allergies. Since I had been *almost* recovered from a bout of bronchitis, I spent the trip hacking up lungs. I had fun anyhow. Colin also spent extra time, going on the thrill rides that his pregnant wife, toddler son, and sister with the inner ear problem couldn't go on. Since we also had a hot tub and outdoor pool area, and a jacuzzi in our suite, mellowing out as needed was easier than it might be.

My main souvenirs were a shirt which is more India-themed print than obvious Disney souvenir (I haven't worn yet because belly, though it fits otherwise), a rather nice Alice in Wonderland themed tea (Which to my annoyance cannot be bought in any form other than a souvenir tin of some kind, so replacing it when it's gone will be hard), and a book - specifically Martha Wells' Razor's Edge, her Star Wars book mostly about Leia. (Set between A New Hope and Empire) Which, since the other book I had brought was her "The Siren Depths", meant at least I was consistent in my pleasure reading.

The biggest problem - well, let me quote myself from an e-mail.

...At the theme parks and outside in general, Joseph had a backpack with a leash, and was closely watched, or in a stroller, or carried around. He was if anything easier to watch.

But the resort proved a problem. Joseph figured out early on how to open the door to our suite and run out; sometimes he'd go to the centre area, with the store and playground and pools (which are behind gates and he couldn't get into alone, so no drowning worries) but most often he'd go into the elevator (right next to our suite) and play by pushing the buttons and going up and down floors. And while it never happened, in theory he had direct access to the parking lot via elevator or stairs, and from there out into the neighbourhood.

So he kept trying to escape. His grandma or one of the other adults (including me) would sometimes take him out to let him run around the building or the centre court (We tried to convince him the place to be was the play structure), but otherwise we just kept a reasonable eye on him.

On our last morning in Florida, I woke to hear Joseph talking to himself, and checked on him to find him still lying in bed. I figured I had time enough to go to the washroom first, but when I got into the main room again, he was gone, though the chain was still on our door. Thankfully, I didn't stop to check the suite, I just went straight to the door and caught him before the elevator arrived. Afterwards, I figured out the issue; he'd slipped through the connecting door to his aunt's suite, and HER chain had been loose (Since he almost never even tried the connecting door, this whole thing was a surprise.) She'd woken up when he passed through, but hadn't had a chance to get up or dressed enough to check before I reached him.

What was even more a surprise was that nobody else had been awake yet; Joseph's grandparents were virtually always the first up any morning.

However, while Colin, S., and I were out in the afternoon, he got out on his grandparents during the roughly 5 seconds W. had the chain undone and her back turned (She'd just let E. back inside from an errand.) And he had figured something out; if he stayed in OUR elevator, he got caught. So he took it down to the first floor, ran through the centre court and got in the elevator the next building down. Leaving W. a couple of minutes of genuine fear (someone did spot him right away - she found him by hearing someone asking "And where's your mother?")

Which, eek. Joseph does that at home, too, but the cold weather was dissuading him from stepping out until very recently, and we've installed a new safety device that's equivalent to a chain, but openable by an adult from outside, too. And he can't get downstairs at night, period."

Anyhow, the flight home was long and hard, and got us to Winnipeg at 1 AM. or so. We slept late.


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